What are the Styles of Wedding Photography

A while ago I put together a cool guide of Things to know before booking your wedding photographer, the guide went down really well and couples found it incredibly helpful. I thought it must be about time to elaborate a bit more on some of the ideas I cover in the Guide. In this post I’m going to cover the different styles of wedding photography, especially the new ones, and cross over styles that have emerged recently.

Traditional styles of wedding photography

This type of wedding photography is very posed and structured, you would expect that a traditional wedding photography would need to dictate allot of the wedding day to set up shots and make sure the exposures and framing are spot on in each shot. A traditional wedding photographer might also have allot of assistants with them to help carry around all their gear and lighting equipment.

Fashion Wedding Photographer

Fashion wedding photography is quite similar to the traditional wedding photographer, except that the images will be heavenly stylized, allot of post production work will go into these photographs. Again you would expect a massive amount of lighting equipment to get the magazine quality finish – maybe 3 light strobes and a couple of reflectors per shot, and on each shot that will have to be transported and re arranged.

Reportage Wedding Photographer

The reportage or documentary wedding photographer captures the day as it unfolds giving little or no direction to the day, this is one of these wedding photography styles that have emerged recently, thanks to the digital age. This type of style will capture the wedding day, naturally and unobtrusively.

My style of photographing is defiantly reportage with a cross over into traditional, about 80% of the photos taken on the day are the documentary style of wedding photography and the other 20% are the posed shots of the couple and the obligatory group photographs of the family.

Please do comment below if you can think of any crossovers or other styles of wedding photography, I’m sure there must be more. Vintage may-be?? Although in my opinion, this is just a style of post processing rather that the styles of wedding photography.