Wedding Photo Booth

Capture the laughter in the Photo Booth

Photography is supposed to be fun. A lot of fun. It’s for capturing those moments that you simply don’t ever want to forget.

But the problem with taking photos of people enjoying themselves is that often the moment you point a camera at them, they freeze, and start behaving themselves again. So you get plenty of pictures of friends standing still, looking awkward. Which isn’t, well, isn’t much fun, is it?

That’s why I like the photo booth approach. I set up at the venue of your choice, section off an area, fill it with wigs, silly glasses and other ridiculous props, then tell people to do absolutely anything they like. Well, almost anything.

Don’t act your age (unless you’re 4)

It’s a great idea for weddings, when the father of the bride can do his best Elvis impression for the camera . And it’s a real hit at birthday parties, whether it’s four-year-old Lily and her friends giggling under bright green wigs, or Uncle Ken celebrating his 60th in style. In a cowboy hat. And lipstick.

If you’ve got dozens of guests, don’t worry about fitting them all into the booth, because actually, it’s not a booth at all. It’s more like a mini-studio and I can easily get 12 people in at a time.

Lose those inhibitions, keep the memories

And unlike a normal photo booth, there’s a real photographer in this one. Which is handy for two reasons. Firstly, I won’t miss that outrageous shot, and secondly, if anyone’s not quite being silly enough, I’m there with words of encouragement.

All the photos can be uploaded to the Mark Colombus Photography Facebook page within a few days, so guests can tag each other, add comments, and relive the party all over again.

To find out more about bringing the booth to your bash, get in touch.