How do you choose a florist in London?

Well one good way is to look at real weddings and to get referrals from other couples and suppliers. I love blogging about other wedding suppliers I’ve worked with, and I will never recommend someone I haven’t worked with before – this is super important, if I haven’t worked with them how else would I know what there products or services are like?

Back in April I photographed a amazing wedding at RAF House and Farm Street Church, It was such a beautiful wedding, and so amazingly put together – about 1 hr into the bridal shots the flowers arrived from The Cracked Pot, as you can see from the pictures the flowers, they way they are arranged, they look great! and perfect for a spring wedding.

The wedding I’m talking about is Katie and James’ wedding and their florist in London was the Cracked Pot.

I’ve never smelt a bridal bouquet that has smelt so amazing before, i can’t remember the excact name of flower, i think it was some type of Lilly? may-ber someone could answer that for me?

This florist in London ( The Cracked Pot) had done a beautiful job on these flowers, they actually worked with one of the guests who handmade the intricate lace that’s around the bouquet.