Lifestyle Photography

Capture a moment in time with the lifestyle shoot

You don’t need to wait for a wedding to treat yourself to a photo shoot.

These days more than ever, there’s something really special about a professional photography shoot. Because even though everyone’s now got cameras on their phones, it doesn’t actually make it any easier to get truly great photos.

And even very good amateur photographers certainly can’t do one thing with an iPhone – and that’s take fantastic shots of themselves. Holding the camera as far away from your body as possible and pointing it at your chin is rarely a good look for anyone.

Perfect for the family. The whole family.

There may be millions of photos snapped around the world every day, but this normally means one of the most important people in the group is behind the camera. The only way to make sure the whole family is in front of the lens is to hire a professional.

That’s why Mark Colombus Photography offers the Lifestyle Shoot to couples, families, children and pets.

Because I’m used to working under pressure to capture the perfect once-in-a-lifetime wedding moment, you’ll get that same care and attention to detail for your family photographs.

No need to travel to a studio

Things have moved on a lot since the days of old-fashioned family portraits when you had to visit an intimidating white studio and sit on a sheepskin rug while the photographer fired huge flashes into your eyes.

I take a far more relaxed approach, because if you’re not feeling comfortable, you wont look it in the photos either. I can travel to your house if you’d prefer to have the shoot there, and I also know plenty of great locations around London – from parks and urban environments to your own house. I can travel throughout the UK too, so you if you know somewhere that has a special place in your heart, that would be perfect.

Camera phones may be great for taking snaps on the go, but almost all of them end up stored on a computer and are never seen again.

For captivating images you’ll want to look at every day, get in touch with Mark Colombus Photography. Prices start at just £195.