About Me

I’m Mark, a wedding photojournalist from North West London. Here’s a couple of things about me that you might want to know:

  • I’m a Kiwi (the country, not the fruit)
  • I’ve been living it up in the UK for the past 8 years. I still speak a bit funny and say strange works like “sweet as” and “eh” quite a lot
  • Since arriving in the UK, travel and tourism has been my day job
  • I have always had a passion for photography, shooting anything and everything for fun
  • I started a part-time photography business in 2008, as well as shooting my 1st wedding in the same year and I have never looked back. I have been getting busier and busier every year
  • I’m married to beautiful pommy bird (Katie) and have a little daughter (Kaila-Rose) who is as hyperactive as I am. Chasing after her all day certainly helps keep off the lbs!! Yay, more pies for me!
  • My friends describe me as chilled out yet full of energy (certainly helps when shooting 13hour weddings)
  • My wife calls me ‘Extreme Kiwi’, I think due to the fact that I throw myself into anything I do (and absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I used to scale buildings on a regular basis)
  • I love life and love what I do. I always feel lucky to be a wedding photographer and to be part of a couple’s very special day
  • My style of wedding photography is fairly fluid as it’s a wedding not a photoshoot. I do very little instructing or arranging of shots throughout the day. It’s photography reportage with a quirky edge. I document the day as it happens with beautiful, timeless, creative images. As well as capturing these pictures and memories, I try to keep things as fun and relaxed as possible – I know how you’ll be feeling on the big day.

Now you’ve seen what I look like (although a little less beardie now),  why not go check out my blog to see what I’ve been up to lately or even have a look through my Pricing and packages page.

Mark Colombus